Useful Car Hacks That Every Car Owner Should Be Aware Of

Chances are, you’re already quite familiar with the controls in your vehicle. Even if you haven’t pored over the owner’s manual, you likely know how to operate your car’s air conditioning, wipers, warning lights, and radio. You might also be comfortable with changing your car’s tires. However, what you may not realize is that there are seven simple auto hacks that can transform your life – hacks that you won’t find in any car manual. These tips will make a big difference, addressing everything from minor irritations to major problems. We’ve got something here for everyone, and we’re confident that these suggestions will simplify your life. To see if you’ve already accomplished any of the tasks on our list, simply do a search.

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Fixing A Dent With Hot Water & A Plunge

If your vehicle has sustained a dent or ding, don’t fret – we’ve got you covered! Dents are a common occurrence, and despite popular belief, they can be relatively easy to fix after they’ve happened. Simply put a saucepan or teapot on the stove and heat up some water until it boils. Pour the boiling water over the dent and use a plunger to pull it out. In many cases, the dent should pop right out of the car’s body, provided it hasn’t been severely damaged. While it may not look as good as before, it will certainly be less noticeable.

Dirty Headlights And Toothpaste

If you have fogged headlights, don’t rush to the nearest auto store searching for a specific solution. You may already have a solution in your own home. Toothpaste, which contains mild abrasives that clean enamel, has been found to be just as effective on headlights as it is on teeth. With a bit of elbow grease and toothpaste, you may be able to restore your headlights to their former shine. However, it’s worth noting that this may not always work. If the inside of the headlight is yellowing, it may be necessary to replace it.

Opening Your Keyring With A Staple Remover

You don’t need to worry about breaking your fingers when trying to add a new set of keys to your bulky metal keyring. With the help of a staple remover, you can easily separate the end pieces and slide your new keys into the opening. It’s such a straightforward process that you may be scratching your head in amazement, wondering why you never thought of it before!

Put A Shower Caddy In The Trunk

If you’re someone who likes to be prepared for any situation, you probably have emergency car supplies like oil, a funnel, a rag, a flashlight, and more stored in your car’s trunk. To keep all of these important items organized and out of the way when you need them, consider investing in a shower caddy. This simple tool can help keep your trunk tidy and free of clutter.

Use Pool Noodles To Prevent Car Dings

Do you find yourself accidentally hitting the garage door on the side of the building when you leave? A simple solution is to cut an old pool noodle in half and attach it to the wall where the door swings open. The scuff marks on the wall should make it easy to identify the right spot. You can secure the pool noodle with bolts or adhesive command strips, ensuring that both your car and the wall remain protected. It’s an easy and effective way to avoid unnecessary damage.

Need A Trash Bin? Use Cereal Bins

Even if we’re careless about throwing trash in our cars, it’s crucial to remember that if we’re not careful, the odors from that trash can linger in our vehicles for a long time and even cause sickness. Renting a garbage container can help avoid this problem altogether. For this project, all you need is a small plastic container, like the ones used to hold cereal. By placing a plastic bag inside the container, you can keep your trash compact and odor-free. This simple solution can make a big difference in keeping your car clean and fresh-smelling.

Reduce Glare With A Tinted Plastic Sheet

We’ve all been there at some point, whether it’s related to people, tasks, or places: You forget to bring your sunglasses with you, it’s getting dark outside, and you’re driving west on the highway. While you may not have much protection in this situation, there is a simple solution. By attaching a tinted plastic sheet to the inside of your car window, you can shield yourself from the sun’s glare and enjoy a more comfortable drive. This easy hack can save you from squinting and straining your eyes on bright days, making your journey more enjoyable.

Lessen Frost By Parking Your Car Facing East

Although it may seem like some sort of mystical ritual, it’s actually a straightforward and logical solution. If you park your car in direct sunlight during the morning hours, the sun’s rays will naturally defrost your front windscreen first. This means that if you leave for work as soon as the sun comes up, you can skip the wait for the defroster to warm up and get on with your day. This simple hack can save you time and frustration on frosty mornings, making your commute a little easier.

Extend Your Key’s Range By Holding Them To Your Head

Although it may seem illogical, it actually works! By placing your keys under your chin and pressing the button again, the range of the signal will be slightly increased due to the fluids in your head altering the signal’s range. If you are still skeptical, give it a try and see for yourself!

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