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Amazing! You’ll not throw your plastic bottles in the garbage again!

Do you happen to have a plastic bottle lying around at home with no idea how to make use of it? Are you aware that despite most people discarding their empty plastic bottles, there are actually numerous ways to repurpose them beyond their initial use for beverages?

The pliability and sturdiness of plastic bottles make them perfect for innovative and diverse upcycling purposes. Discover a fun method to repurpose plastic bottles and put an end to throwing them in the garbage can!

Fascinating ideas for repurposing empty plastic bottles!

We always make sure to carry a water bottle with us wherever we go and often finish drinking it all. But what happens to the bottle once it’s empty? We typically toss it in the trash because we’re unaware of its potential.

However, empty plastic bottles have numerous intriguing possibilities! Don’t discard them the next time around, as you can use them in various ways and reap their benefits.

1. Spray for your garden

To execute this method, all you need is a drill or a screwdriver to create a few perforations in the bottle. Ensure that the side of the bottle facing downwards isn’t punctured. The holes don’t have to be perfectly cut, with serrated edges being acceptable. Next, attach a rubber band around the bottle’s neck and ensure that the bottle’s mouth fits snugly through the opening in the lid. Voila! Your garden spray bottle is ready to use.

2. Separate eggs

Are you struggling with separating egg whites from the yolk? It can be a tricky process, especially when a recipe requires both. However, there’s no need to fret because plastic bottles can come to your rescue. Start by cracking the egg into a bowl. Remove the cap from the bottle and squeeze it slightly. Keep squeezing and place the mouth of the bottle over the egg yolk, then release the pressure. This will cause the yolk to be suctioned up into the bottle while the egg white remains on the plate. It’s a simple and effortless method!