WhatsApp new time-saving update is a potential game changer

Whats app has been one of the most popular applications in the world ever since its launch. The messaging application has been providing frequent updates so that it remains one of the most useful tools in our smartphone. By making frequent changes, the application is maintaining is dominance and a new update looks to be another effort at it.

According to a recent post by popular tipster and WhatsApp beta tester WaBetaInfo, the messaging application is taking new strides in a recent update. After WhatsApp came up with a feature that allows you to re-download a deleted file on Android devices, the messaging application is now coming up with a new feature called, ‘predict upload’.

What this essentially means is that WhatsApp will be able to ‘predict’ what photo you wish to share and upload it directly to its server before it is sent. What this entails is that the feature will allow for some quick sharing of photos as it is already uploaded in the background on the WhatsApp server. Hence, when you wish to share a particular photo on a chat, then it will be readily available to share in real-time saving you some time in the process.

Before you raise your eyebrows on the privacy concerns, WhatsApp’s latest update will only upload the files on its server when you have selected them and are in the edit mode. When you select a photo you wish to share, WhatsApp redirects you to the ‘Edit Photo’ section before you share the images. It is at this moment, WhatsApp knows that you wish to send these photos and in the background, it will upload the images to the server immediately.

So, when you hit the Send button, without modifying any of the photos, making sure that you wish to send the image to the recipient, it will be sent in real time, without any delay.

In order to know whether you have this new update or not, check that you are on the WhatsApp version 2.18.61 on iOS. However, if you are on Android, then the situation is quite different. WhatsApp is slowly enabling the new feature. At first, the update is for a few users who have the 2.18.156 stable version. For the update to work correctly, you will need to be lucky users. WaBetaInfo mentions that one should wait before starting to look for this feature.

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