Rape accused of a journalist: MJ Akbar Bole, the relationship was made with consent, wife also got in defense

National Public Radio Chief Business Editor Pallavi Gogoi accused MJ Akbar of rap MJ Akbar has said that all these allegations are false and that the relationship between the two was formed. His wife has also told Pallavi the lie.

National Public Radio Chief Business Editor Pallavi has charged Rape.
Pallavi has stated in an article that Akbar did the rape during working in the Asian Age.

Akbar has denied the allegations of Rape. He said that the relationship was made with the consent.

Akbar’s wife Malika also came in the rescue of her husband. He has called Pallavi a liar.

Former Union Minister MJ Akbar’s cleansing came on the charge of National Public Radio  Chief Business Editor Pallavi Gogoi’s rape.

BJP Rajya Sabha MP MJ Akbar has said that all charges are false. He said that the relationship was formed with the consent of Pallavi Gogoi who lasted for several months.

Akbar says that later the two got separated from the consensus. MJ Akbar’s wife Malika also appeared in support of her husband. They have said that Pallavi is lying.

Let me tell you that journalist Pallavi Gogoi has written MJ Akbar by writing articles in the Washington Post.

He had said that Akbar had raped him in 23 years ago while working in Asian Age.

Akbar said that on October 29, Washington Post had asked some questions about the alleged incident of 23 years ago. Akbar said that these charges are false.

The former Union Minister said that in 1994, there was a consensus between him and Pallavi Gogoi.

This relationship lasted for a few months. Akbar said that due to this relationship, there would be tension in his family life.

After this, the relationship with the consent was over. However, Akbar admitted that the relationship did not end on the best note.

Akbar claimed that people who know both of them can also testify about this.

Wife Malika, who was in the custody of MJ Akbar:-

MJ Akbar’s wife Malika, after being accused of raping her, has also fallen in defense. Malika has said, ‘I do not know what is the reason behind Pallavi’s lie, but this is a lie’.

He said that he was silent after allegations against MJ Akbar were found under #MeToo, but after writing the article in the Washington Post, I have to speak after alleging rap from Pallavi Gogoi.

Akbar’s wife said, “Twenty years ago, Pallavi Gogoi had caused a lot of sadness and controversy in my family.”

He said that Pallavi used to express his attachment to her husband even in his presence. The relationship between these two causes the problem of their family.

Resignation had to be given on allegations of sexual abuse:-

Nearly a dozen female journalists have accused of sexual harassment on MJ Akbar.After this, he had to resign from Modi cabinet.

Union Minister MJ Akbar, who is facing allegations of sexual harassment under the Meteor Campaign, has adopted legal means after giving his sanction. They have registered a case of false allegations.

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