If you are shopping online on Amazon then you need to be careful.

Caution before shopping on Amazon, Hackers confused millions of customers’ refunds. If you are buying online on Amazon, then you need to be careful.

According to the case of Uttar Pradesh’s capital, Lucknow, hackers have crashed millions of Amazon customers’ refunds. About 1500 customers have become victims of this.

Hackers hacked the customer’s bank account and deleted their refunds into their e-wallet. When customers complained of no return, the company had made an internal audit, and the above details came to the surface.

The customers who want to repurchase the purchased goods were linked to their account profile by Amazon. Somehow hackers used to get their mobile number.

After that, customers were calling customers as Amazon’s officer. After that, the mobile phone operator was seeking the OTP for a refund.

once You getting the OTP, the customer’s bank deposited the e-wallet instead of the details and deposited the refund bonus in his account. amazon have complained to the police about this matter.

Amazon is One of the Crowded places where all people find their Favourite products, so Amazon as well customer needs to be aware of what happens during a transaction and see whats delivered first of all see all the packaging wether is from Amazon or not.

Check Packaging Security Features 123 456 numbers cover all Lines All Sides, Check no Any Side Any Tape on Package. Amazon is Also Varied about evil hackers and dumb peoples who try to disturb the e-commerce process

So here are Basic things to mind when Purchasing Product on Amazon or Any other E-commerce Platform Nowadays so many Website providing e-commerce selling via solution.

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