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Amazing! You’ll not throw your plastic bottles in the garbage again!

3. Trap trap

Looking for a safe and effective way to eliminate pesky flies from your garden? Plastic bottles can do the trick. Simply cut a bottle in half and pour a sweet syrup, such as lemon juice, into the bottom half. Then, place the top half upside down into the bottom half, with the bottle mouth facing downwards. The flies will be attracted to the scent of the bait and fly into the opening to feed on the syrup. Once inside, the flies will crawl through a small opening and get trapped, unable to escape, eventually leading to their demise.

4. Cut off the biscuits

If you’re making biscuits and find yourself without a cookie cutter, don’t fret because plastic bottles can come to your rescue once again. Crafting a homemade biscuit cutter from plastic bottles is a brilliant way to repurpose them, as you never know when you might need one. All you need is a small or large plastic bottle, depending on your desired size. Cut the bottle in half and take one of the halves to cut out the cookies. It’s a simple yet practical solution!


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