18 Hours On, Fire Rages In Delhi’s Malviya Nagar; Air Force Joins Ops

A massive fire has been raging through the night at a warehouse in south Delhi’s Malviya Nagar since Tuesday evening, and the Air Force has joined efforts to put it out. This morning, an Mi-17 helicopter was seen making sorties to pour water to contain what has been classified as the “highest category” blaze in the national capital in recent times.

The fire started around 5 pm on Tuesday in the warehouse at Khirki Extension, a crowded residential part of Malviya Nagar. As many as 80 fire engines were sent and firemen were at work all night to stop the blaze from spreading to neighbouring buildings, including a school.

Thick black smoke rising from the fire was visible from much of south Delhi.The police believe a truck loaded with rubber material parked near the godown caught fire, which spread in no time because of strong winds last night. Plastic and raw material stored in the factory fuelled the fire, said an official. Thirteen buildings in the vicinity, including the school and a gym, have been evacuated for safety. It was tough for fire engines to access the narrow and congested lanes, officials said. One fire-fighter has been injured

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